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Pinwheel Creative Studios  [Yes, you may depend on Pinwheel for your project.]

PinwheelCreativeStudios,llc/Commercial Art; graphic design, illustration

Business focus:

We specialize in communication arts, editorial and children's book illustration, and fine art at affordable rates for residential, commercial and industrial clients. 

Our Job: Your Business Image

Pinwheel Creative Studios is a multi faceted communication arts studio based in the Atlanta area and made up of a select core of creative professionals. Since 1986 Victor and Pamela Kennedy have been working in the field of advertising, graphic design and editorial & children's book illustration. We are an award winning team led by partners and Auburn University graduates, Victor and Pamela. Victor directs and executes the illustration jobs and Pamela administrates the design projects. Our focus is to be here for your business. Our Mom and Pop size brings to the table a dependable neighborhood design shop no matter where on the planet you reside. We strive to give you  BIG AGENCY results but at a very small fraction of the cost.  For some clients to successfully get their feet off the ground our competitive rates are absolutely necessary in this marketplace of high-end pricing for image. We solve problems and formulate solutions for you as a new or growing business without the outlandish adman fees attached which can create debt and hardship for a new and growing business. We know our way inside and out in our field and we definitely know all about growing and surviving. 

Yes, you may depend on Pinwheel for your project.     

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Commercial Art; graphic design, illustration continued

Our Goal: 

Supplying Your Project with Right Resources By First Establishing Your Custom Team

Like multicolored wings on a pinwheel, there are several specialized creative services that Pinwheel has to offer.

We're a full service shop handling all communication art's aspects from concept design to handling your printing needs.

First, We Help You Put Together a Team for You to Accomplish What You Need

[Creative Consultation & Conceptualizing]

We'll work with you on your business image to help make sure your image needs and marketing & advertising is appropriate for your business budget and sensibly fits in your business plan. You are our Executive director and we are your team to work together so that there's no doubt the project is focused where it should be.

[From Concept & Hard Work to Finished Project] 

We will strive to present to you only supreme logo design, ad and brochure development. Our diverse illustration and graphic images partners on your team will add whatever level of support you may need.  Whether it's a spot illustration or a Web design, Pinwheel's resources is here for you. Our set goal in this competitive, ever changing realm of communication arts is to offer you solutions for your business image and it's visual, marketing needs with no waste of time or money. We would love to chat with you about what it is you might need. Give him a call. 404-918-9198. You can also post a message on our facebook page too!  

Victor Kennedy,    PinwheelCreativeStudios

Yes, you may depend on Pinwheel for your project. 

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My Inspiration


I enjoy hiking in my spare time and many of my pieces are directly influenced by these hikes in nature. I love recreating plants and wildlife in my work.